Mass production is not a story about us. We support the concept of conscious consumption. Thus, it is possible not only to take care of the environment, but also to create unique products and sew individual orders, controlling all the stages and processes of the birth of each model.


We create - you feel. Comfort, aesthetics, lightness. Therefore, it is so important for us to create models that are both perfect inside and outside. And, of course, made exclusively from leather and textiles of the highest quality.


Our small production facility is located in the very center of Kiev. Here, using the most modern equipment and special technology, work great masters with outstanding experience in the fashion industry. Here pleats come for becoming future dresses and blouses, as well as leather blanks for basses, which then turn into your orders.


Crafts gives the birth for the best only. Therefore, we abandoned mass production and prefered to create products, each of which is Piece of Art. This is how we manage to achieve impeccable quality and control all stages of sewing up to the smallest detail. Even at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, when specialists from other cities create for us the pleats that you know so good and love.

When received a personal order, our masters are completely immersed in work on it for several days. They assemble basques, as well as leather and stone products, by hand according to individual parameters and with love for each client.

Probably, this is the reason why you like the result so much. And we love your airy looks.