J’amemme | FW’23/24

A stunning blend of cool, ethereal tones takes a center place in the new FW’23/24 collection, called Lumière du Nord, from J’amemme. Inspired by the Northern Lights, it features a fascinating palette of navy blue, indigo, and dramatic black, evoking the Arctic night spectacle.


Like the celestial dance of the northern lights, our garments radiate a captivating energy that makes you feel sophisticated and unique every time you wear them” - shares the brand’s designer, Julie Yarmoliuk. “Each item captures the incredible beauty of harmony between contrasting forces in our world”.

This collection offers a variety of silhouettes, including:

  • Impeccably tailored classy sets that exude elegance
  • Flowing evening gowns that seamlessly blend couture craftsmanship with modern motifs

For example, the stunning white Cape, crafted from high-quality wool fabric, provides warmth without compromising style. Its exquisite fluffy texture promises refinement and coziness during the frosty season. Every detail of the Cape has been executed with precision for a fit that is both effortless and fascinating.

The brand also continues to work with its signature codes, such as pleats and unique contours. Here they are revealed in the magnificent mini dresses and matching sets. Perhaps the most iconic bow of the collection was the Alisha pleated maxi dress, which appears in a new deep purple color. The dress seamlessly combines elegance and comfort with its beautifully crafted design. Its hand-pleated, airy fabric creates a stunning look that is sure to turn heads.

Accessories, such as woolen bucket hats, with their cozy allure, become the perfect addition to staying warm in winter while maintaining a chic aesthetic. The shopper bags are as practical as they are stylish and perfect for carrying all your essentials while embracing the cold season with grace.