Suitcase-friendly suits from J’amemme x Have A Rest

What to expect from a collab between a demi-couture brand and a travel label best identified by their bright suitcases? The answer is, a colorful vacation set! 

The simplest solution to any summer travel style dilemma is a non-cringy, lightweight colorful soft tailored set. In the newest collaboration released by J’amemme and Have A Rest.

A one-and-done look is easily achieved by mixing and matching boxer shorts, triangle bra tops and oversized blazers. Made of lightweight pressed cotton helps them be as suitcase-approved as possible.  The color scheme speaks for itself: Sweet Marshmallow, Sunny Lemon and Wonder Ocean shades are signature for the suitcases and perfect for the travel capsule. Loose silhouettes keep all the comfort we've grown used to over the pandemic. Add on a spacious hobo bag - and you are all set for your next adventure!

The collection is available at both brands’ online stores. 10% of the sales will be donated to Masha Foundation, a charity organization taking care of women, children, and the elderly amidst the russian invasion of Ukraine.

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