Color: Sweet Marshmallow

Product features:

Size: one size
Color: Sunny Lemon / Wonder Ocean / Sweet Marshmallow / Summer Sky

Fasteners: buttons Composition: 100% cotton

Product measurements:

Length in front: 72 cm
Back length: 82 cm
Sleeve length: 69 cm
Chest circumference: 150 cm
Waist circumference: 150 cm

A J’amemme x Have A Rest cotton shirt will complement any outfit you decide to create today. Wear it if you’re going on a date with the city, a meeting with friends, or for breakfast in your favorite cafe.

This shirt with baggy sleeves that transform into a kimono and an elongated cut comes in one size and four colors: Sunny Lemon, Wonder Ocean, Sweet Marshmallow, and Summer Sky. Thanks to the pressed fabric effect, you can easily fold the shirt and put it into a bag or suitcase without worrying it’ll crumple.

Create a comprehensive outfit with a crop top, shorts/pants, and a bag from the Vilna collection.

more about collaboration

Suitcase-friendly suits from J’amemme x Have A Rest 

What to expect from a collab between a demi-couture brand and a travel label best identified by their bright suitcases? The answer is, a colorful vacation set! 

The simplest solution to any summer travel style dilemma is a non-cringy, lightweight colorful soft tailored set. In the newest collaboration released by J’amemme and Have A Rest.


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